Why webtoons are loved

Do you know why webtoons are loved? Because many people watch webtoons.

Why do so many people watch webtoons? This is because it is accessible and creates a consensus.

Webtoons are provided online through various platforms and services, so accessibility is very good.

You can even watch it for free. So more people can easily access it.

The topics and genres are quite diverse. It is sufficient to meet the needs of various publics.

Because it is conducted in a serial format, people have high expectations. I’m waiting and wondering what will come out next week. 툰코

In relation to this, people communicate with each other through comments. The artist sees this and reflects it in his work.

People like webtoons because they communicate with the public and are reflected in their works.

There are many webtoons, but among them, there are some that are very successful. These webtoons are derived in various ways.

It can be featured in dramas or movies, or even made into a game. Works derived like this are bound to be loved by people.

People like and love webtoons for various reasons.