How to Run a Great Personal Blog

These days, I am running a new blog.

I plan to apply all the know-how and experience I have learned so far.

I don’t know how much of an impact these skills will have on profits.

However, based on my past experience, I am confident that it will be helpful.

It takes time to see these results.

You must wait for that time and continue to invest.

The process will never be easy.

The process may not produce the results you want.

Then I have to try again. 하니스블로그

important point

Running a blog requires you to create ongoing content.

This is one of the most important and most difficult parts.

These days, AI tools have come out that allow you to write articles quickly.

However, it seems that search engines already have the technology to read AI-written text.

If I post posts like this indiscriminately, my blog will disappear from search engines.

It is said that search engines cannot distinguish whether an article was written by AI or a person.

However, in the case of articles written by AI, there are parts where the natural language processing process is awkward.

These parts are easy for readers to notice.

There are also various tools that analyze whether a text was written by AI. It seems quite accurate.

Now, an era will come where self-created content will stand out even more.

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